Surge Protectors

There are several sources of power surges. They can originate from the electric utility company during power grid switching, or inside a home when large appliances like air conditioners and refrigerator motors turn on and off.

A common cause of power surges is lightning. There are 1000’s of cloud-to-ground lightning strikes detected per year in Victoria and they can enter a home through the  incoming electrical service line, satellite dish cable or incoming telephone lines.

Power surges can be very expensive as they harm devices and equipment in your home or business.. not to mention the down time they may inflict. 

Large surges, however rare, have the capacity to instantly damage all the devices which are plugged in at the time.

  • City Metro Electrics can guard your home or workplace from power surges with a a transient voltage suppression device
  • Call us for an enquiry and quote to remove the risks associated with power surges



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