Computer Networking

If you rely heavily on the internet in your home or business, you could discover that a wireless network, while being very convenient, might not offer the range and speeds you require. 

We can work with your wireless network to optimise it or add in wired sections to the network for devices that require more reliable high speeds and guaranteed interference- free operation.

We can also run an entire network as wired which offers you highest speed and most reliable media streaming, file sharing, on line gaming, IP cameras etc

  • We specialise in network cabling, or adding to your existing network
  • We will help you to determine where to have your modem and other network equipment, which rooms to cable, how many points you need, what path the cables have to take and network layout.
  • Telephone cable and socket set up and repair
  • ADSL Internet point installation
  • Network switches & hubs
  • IP Cameras system design and install



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